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EEL Malik Surgical - Best surgical suppliers in kenya

EEL Malik Surgical Ltd is a private registered surgical supplies company by MoH Kenya. We are a leading surgical suppliers in Kenya. We deal in the supply of quality Medical, Surgical, Disposable & non-disposable medical equipment supplies in Kenya and East Africa. 

Our experience makes us one of the industry’s leaders in all medical equipment supplies in Kenya and East Africa. Through the years we’ve been in surgical supplies business in Kenya, our products, experience, and services in the surgical field makes us one of the best surgical supplies companies in Kenya. EEL Malik Surgical LTD has partnered with global leaders and manufacturers in the surgical industry to supply you with the highest quality of medical surgical instruments within Eastern Africa. 

EEL Malik Surgical - Best surgical suppliers in kenya

Surgical Suppliers in Kenya


Affordable Surgical Supplies in Nairobi Kenya

Our major surgical equipment supplies are Balfour-Retractor, Cusco Speculum, Otoscope-Rollover, Sponge Holding Forceps, Skingrafting Forcep, etc. Daily, we endeavor to be and remain the most affordable medical equipment suppliers in Nairobi.

We are the best surgical suppliers in Kenya offering affordable medical equipment supplies and hospital halloware equipmet

Best surgical equipment suppliers in Kenya


Ranked top by Business List Kenya, we offer both premium and low-cost surgical instruments in Kenya to give you the perfect solution to your needs. As a leader in medical equipment supplies in Nairobi Kenya, we supply to you the right surgical instrument, at the right price, with no compromise on quality. We want People to get the benefit by our Products and services, thus we will innovate ways to always give excellent services and remain the best surgical suppliers Nairobi Kenya and East Africa.

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